16. October 2019

Data Science Workbench

On-Demand Data Processing

The Data Science Workbench of the ADVANEO data market­place is a collec­tion of tools for data processing.

Currently, the Workbench offers a Jupyter Notebook, which is oper­ated in the cloud of ADVANEO. Each user has an indi­vidual work­bench at his disposal, on which he can easily integ­rate data directly from the data market­place or from external sources.

Currently the work­bench supports projects in Python 3, Julia 1.0.1, R and Ruby 2.5.1.

Common Data Science librar­ies are prein­stalled for all kernels. This list can also be exten­ded dynam­ic­ally accord­ing to requirements.

In the near future the imple­ment­a­tion of further common data processing tools (Anaconda, Tensorsflow, H2O, Knime, …) into the market­place is planned.

Using the Workbench

To access the Workbench, click on the “Workbench” button (WB symbol) in the navig­a­tion bar.

After click­ing, you will get to the note­book over­view. If you are not yet famil­iar with a note­book, you can open the file “Jupyter Introduction” in the Examples/Basics folder, which intro­duces you to the topic. This folder also contains tutori­als for the intro­duc­tion to the languages Python and R. You can find applic­a­tion examples for data analysis in “Live Examples”.

Set up Work Structure for Data Projects

If you add data auto­mat­ic­ally from the market­place using the “Add to Workbench” button, the data is stored in the “Workbench Data” folder. You can add your own files to the Workbench using the “Upload here” button in the Notebook overview.

Now you can set up your own work struc­ture and start with your data projects.

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