16. October 2019

Capacity Building: The Datathon

Develop future-oriented IT Ideas

“Datathon” refers to a mostly digital compet­i­tion with the goal of solv­ing a data-related IT prob­lem. The name is a special­iz­a­tion of the term “Hackathon”.

In a Datathon, indi­vidu­als as well as teams of computer scient­ists, data scient­ists and experts from other fields can take part in order to analyse data in a concrete case and thereby gain new conclu­sions and insights.

A data­thon is an enter­tain­ing and chal­len­ging way to develop new and prom­ising ideas. This is partic­u­larly well suited as a basis for open innov­a­tion or new busi­ness opportunities.

The ADVANEO data market­place offers the oppor­tun­ity to create, market and conduct such compet­i­tions in an organ­ised system in order to gener­ate further added value from your own data.

Datathon Creation in the Marketplace

The first step in creat­ing a data­thon is the theor­et­ical plan­ning and devel­op­ment of the concept. This is done inde­pend­ently of the data marketplace.

On the portal, the data­thon can now be created by click­ing the button “Datathons” > “Create a Datathon”. A dialog window opens in which you have to enter a title, a more detailed descrip­tion, an event logo, a price and the data­sets to be used.

After confirm­ing the details, you will be direc­ted to its over­view page.

Three modern search and filter options based on the extens­ively processed metadata are avail­able for navig­at­ing through the wide range of offers.

Participation in a Datathon

You can parti­cip­ate in a Datathon by navig­at­ing to the detail page of a Datathon via the over­view list (“Datathons” > “Datathons”) and using the button “Join Datathon”.

There are two options avail­able for parti­cip­at­ing: As an indi­vidual or as a team. As an indi­vidual you only have to indic­ate that you want to choose this option. A team has to be created in advance through the dialog via “Datathon” > “Create a Team”. When the required inform­a­tion is filled in, your team is created and you can parti­cip­ate in the Datathon by enter­ing the team name.

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