16. October 2019

The Heart of our Marketplace

The data cata­log is the heart of the ADVANEO data market­place. It is used to manage all data entries and make them usable.
All data entries of the portal are described and indexed in detail using a metadata stand­ard. This is developed in-house and based on IDSA stand­ards. A modern and intu­it­ively usable search engine enables easy search­ing and filter­ing of the whole data­base.
The entire plat­form as well as the search func­tion itself can be used across 16 languages.

What are metadata?

One of the special features of the data market­place is that any data that can be found on the portal is only stored as metadata with refer­ence to the original data source.

Metadata describes the content of the avail­able data sets without reveal­ing the actual content. For example, if the actual data record is a table file with sensor data, the ADVANEO data market­place exclus­ively contains metadata consist­ing of a mean­ing­ful title, a descrip­tion of the content, keywords, categor­ies, file size, file format, etc.

Search options in the database

Three modern search and filter options based on the extens­ively processed metadata are avail­able for navig­a­tion through the wide range of products.

Classic text field search

As with large inform­a­tion portals (Google, Wikipedia, Amazon…), the first point of entry into the data search is a famil­iar, single-line text field for simple entry of the search terms. These search terms can be further processed in the results over­view either by hand or by using predefined filters (left side of the results over­view). The search func­tion can be used across all languages.


The Discovery feature is a visual, immers­ive search exper­i­ence, specific­ally designed to provide users with a novel graph­ical navig­a­tion through the plat­form’s data network. Data and its metadata-level connec­tions are repres­en­ted graph­ic­ally, provid­ing new insights.

Tip: Can provide inspir­a­tion for a new look at the exist­ing possib­il­it­ies and is partic­u­larly well suited for an introduction.


In addi­tion to the two graph­ical front-end solu­tions, the data market­place also offers more exper­i­enced users the possib­il­ity* to commu­nic­ate directly with the data­base via APIs. Currently, APIs allow you to add and search records via metadata. More detailed inform­a­tion will be avail­able in our API docu­ment­a­tion link in the future.

In addi­tion to these accesses, navig­a­tion is suppor­ted by a recom­mend­a­tion system for data records based on machine learning.

*Access to the API is restric­ted by member­ship type.

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