16. March 2020

Secure Data Exchange

Safe and Automatable accord­ing to IDS standard

The ADVANEO Connector is a soft­ware applic­a­tion that can be connec­ted to a wide range of differ­ent data sources. (FOR EXAMPLE: file systems, data­base systems, sensor data streams, etc. The list is constantly being expanded)At the same time, connect­ors can commu­nic­ate with each other and send and receive data to and from each other.The imple­men­ted authen­tic­a­tion of the connect­ors creates a basis for a secure and auto­mat­able data exchange between two parties.
Each user* has access to a personal connector, which he can manage via a dashboard.

*Details depend on your member­ship. See the func­tion­al­it­ies in the price over­view.

There you can manage your own data sources, as well as access data requests and received data transmissions.

Data secur­ity “Best Practice”: Exchange of sens­it­ive Raw Data

The data market­place itself never comes into contact with the raw data of the providers. This is because it is one of the first portals world­wide to imple­ment the certi­fied IDSA stand­ard for indus­trial data exchange. The exchange of raw data is always peer-to-peer directly from the data source of the provider to the data user. This can essen­tially take place in two differ­ent ways: The data provider can provide direct access to its raw data (e.g. via direct down­load link or an API) or enter its data source in its ADVANEO Connector, which in turn commu­nic­ates with the data user’s connector and trans­fers the raw data within the scope of the accep­ted licence.

Extensive protec­tion for commer­cial datasets

In general, the rule of thumb for this distinc­tion is: open data should be offered directly, while commer­cial offers should be imple­men­ted with the connector.

In general, it should be mentioned again: Access to raw data is only gran­ted by the market­place if the data user accepts the linked license to the data set and, in case of a commer­cial offer, the data provider has accep­ted the purchase request and the payment has been confirmed by the system.

More features of the ADVANEO data marketplace