Closed User Groups

16. October 2019

Secure data access with CUG

Finely gran­u­lated Access Management

The “Closed User Groups” (CUGs) are a func­tion to make certain data sets avail­able to certain users.

A CUG consists of an exclus­ive group of users from one or more compan­ies who share one or more specific data sets. The data is usually confidential.

Any member of the CUG can propose new members.

All data providers must approve the invit­a­tion to add a member. Otherwise, the member­ship applic­a­tion will be rejec­ted. A user can also request member­ship. In this case, the same approval logic applies.

A CUG consists of admins and members. Only the CUG admin can remove members from the CUG.

Using the CUG func­tion in the Marketplace

A CUG can be created by select­ing “User Groups” > “Create Closed User Group” in the navig­a­tion bar. After click­ing it, a dialog opens asking for the group name, a descrip­tion of the group, a group logo and the members to be added. Once the group has been created by a confirm­a­tion, you will auto­mat­ic­ally be taken to the group over­view, where you can add files, addi­tional members and details to the group with a simple click. The sover­eignty over the group is held by the group admins, who can also share files with the group.

You can get an over­view of your exist­ing CUGS via the link “User Group” > “My Closed User Groups”.

What is an “Organization”?

An “organ­iz­a­tion” on the data market­place is a mapping of organ­iz­a­tions, compan­ies, asso­ci­ations etc. of real life on the market­place. Users and data can be assigned to these organ­iz­a­tions and access rights can be defined by an integ­rated user role system.

An organ­iz­a­tion on the data market­place is asso­ci­ated with a member­ship of the level “Small Business” or “Enterprise”. Adapted to your needs, an organ­iz­a­tion is created on the market­place, a respons­ible person is registered as “Owner” (user role with the highest admin­is­tra­tion rights of an organ­iz­a­tion) and the possib­il­ity is given to add a number of addi­tional persons as members, defined by the contract.

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