Access to the world of data

ADVANEO Data Marketplace

“Access to the world of data”

For us, this means opening up broad access to existing data sources. We do not create another proprie­tary data silo.

Our vision is charac­te­rised by two concepts:

Data sover­eignty and sustai­na­bi­lity

We regard the sover­eign right over one’s own data (data sover­eignty) as a funda­mental right of every human being. Therefore, we have developed a decen­tra­lized solution that gives a user full control over their data at any time.

By simul­ta­ne­ously offering open as well as commer­cial data from all indus­tries, we want to create a sustainable portal as a place for innova­tion.

For us, sustai­na­bi­lity means a future proof system – both techno­lo­gi­cally and finan­ci­ally. But also, ecolo­gi­cally through minimal use of resources and the promo­tion of innova­tions.

How the ADVANEO Data Marketplace works

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Data Provider

The data provider offers data records from their database on the data market­place. These data records are repre­sented on the market­place by the metadata chosen by the data provider. (The raw data remains with the data provider!)

Data Marketplace

The data market­place serves as a data catalogue for the metadata provided by the data provider. In addition, it functions as a secure trading portal and offers functions for data proces­sing and adminis­tra­tion.

Data User

The data user searches for relevant data on the data market­place using the metadata entries. After selec­ting the offer, the user receives the raw data directly, peer to peer, from the data source of the data provider.

From a static Marketplace towards a Data Economy

Our vision

We are convinced that in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0, provi­ding the most open possible access to data for all users serves as the basis for innova­tion and progress. This starts with you as an interested private indivi­dual and leads to your business enter­prise, which wants to monetise its own data or use external data for new insights.

Millions of open data sets

Use open data to open up new perspec­tives and lift your data project to the next level. In the sense of free access to data as a democratic basis for innova­tions, we see open data as a core aspect of our offering. This is why we already combine almost 2 million open data records from over 8000 unique provi­ders. The number of data records is constantly increa­sing.


In order to guarantee your data sover­eignty, the data market­place has been developed as a decen­tra­lized portal. This means that all relevant and possibly sensi­tive raw data always remain with the data provider and only is trans­ferred directly – peer to peer – to the buyer in the event of a purchase. The data market­place only stores the data descrip­tions (metadata) and has no access to your raw data at any time.


Innovations often take place at the edges – there­fore new apps, disrup­tive, data-driven business models or innova­tive data products also require raw data from diffe­rent indus­tries and subject areas. For this reason, the ADVANEO data market­place is cross-domain.

Turn data into money

The data market­place gives you the oppor­tu­nity to create new values from your existing data. It does not matter what type of data is involved: Whether databases filled with sensor data of your machines or other IoT data, speci­ally trained AI models, ERP or CRM databases, log files, etc… . It doesn’t matter what kind of data you use.

Working with data

In order to offer a holistic solution for your data project, we directly provide you with online tools for inter­ac­ting with your data. Experienced users can use the integrated Data-Science-Workbench with the programming language of their choice. As Citizen Data Scientists, you have tools for rapid data analysis and automatic visua­li­sa­tion at your disposal

Three pillars of the ADVANEO architecture

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Data Security

The security at various data levels and the necessary trans­mis­sion paths is guaran­teed at all times.

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Data Sovereignty

Full data sover­eignty: In this model, the origi­nator remains in full control over the usage of their data at all times.

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Data Governance

The necessary tools are provided to estab­lish a defined data manage­ment with the necessary control mecha­nisms.


ADVANEO: partner and pioneer

ADVANEO is part of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). The IDSA is an initia­tive with the aim to create a trust­worthy archi­tec­ture for a data economy based on common and federal European values through joint research between science and business. The data market­place is one of the first data portals world­wide based on the IDS reference archi­tec­ture.

IDSA – the new standard

The IDSA concept for the secure exchange of (indus­trial) data is analo­gous to the Internet on the basis of peer-to-peer commu­ni­ca­tion. It provides a reference archi­tec­ture, a formal standard and reference imple­men­ta­tions. It is not a platform.

The IDSA speci­fi­ca­tion forms the basis for data ecosys­tems, data market­places and corpo­rate networks.

The IDSA is non-profit and has a steadily growing number of currently around 100 members from 19 countries (EU plus Brazil, China, India, Japan, Canada and the USA) as well as formal coope­ra­tion with inter­na­tional initia­tives (Platform Industry 4.0, IIC, IVI, DTA, RRI, OPC‑F, Fiware, DMA, iShare).

IDSA Members

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