16. October 2019

“Datathon” describes a mostly digital compe­ti­tion with the aim of solving a data-related IT problem. The name is derived from the term “Hackathon”.

In a datathon, indivi­duals as well as teams of computer scien­tists, data scien­tists and experts from other fields can parti­ci­pate in order to analyse data in a specific case and thereby gain new conclu­sions and insights.

A datathon encou­rages the develop­ment of new and promi­sing ideas in an enter­tai­ning and challen­ging way. This is parti­cu­larly well suited as a basis for open innova­tion or new business oppor­tu­nities.

The data market­place offers the possi­bi­lity to create, market and conduct such compe­ti­tions in an organised system in order to generate further added value from your own data.

More features of the ADVANEO data marketplace