Smart and proact­ive health insur­ance companies


The insur­ance industry has been one of the largest users of data for decades. In partic­u­lar, health insur­ance compan­ies whose busi­ness model includes a prepaid monthly member­ship fee. When a health incid­ence occurs, payments are made to the hospit­als, Doctors, rehab­il­it­a­tion clin­ics and outpa­tient care. This react­ive approach is gradu­ally chan­ging. Health insur­ance compan­ies now want to predict if and when their clients will fall sick, how often and at what time in the year. Even more import­antly, what proact­ive meas­ures can they take to prevent or minim­ise health related incidences?

Datasets used

To provide the best service to their custom­ers, insur­ance compan­ies try to under­stand the life­style, beha­vi­oural patterns and activ­it­ies of their clients. By correl­at­ing anonymised, histor­ical personal health records with other external data sources, this is now possible. External data such as relat­ive humid­ity, temper­at­ure, solar radi­ation and particle mater sensors can detect amount of pollen in the air and provide warn­ing to indi­vidu­als who are aller­gic to it. User phys­ical activ­ity and eating habits can provide useful data­sets for predict­ing patients prone to obesity or high blood pres­sure. Furthermore, flu and other conta­gious diseases can be mapped around offices, and public meet­ing places to help indi­vidu­als take more hygienic precautions.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

Health insur­ance compan­ies will have access to over a million data­sets on popu­la­tion distri­bu­tion, loca­tion of hospit­als and health­care centres and air qual­ity data to alert their custom­ers how best to stay healthy. The Advaneo data market­place offers:

Security and Privacy

Dealing with such medical data is very sens­it­ive and requires the highest possible levels of privacy. How can insur­ance compan­ies get access to such data to create prevent­ive solu­tions and programs? The Advaneo data market­place provides a broker service such that no data is stored by third parties. The exchange of data­sets only exists between trus­ted entities.

Broker Service

Individuals with activ­ity apps and wear­ables can regu­larly log data on their mobile phones, and wear­ables. Such data­sets are a great source of inform­a­tion which can be anonymised and seam­less traded by the data gener­ator to the health insur­ance companies.

Closed User Groups

Insurance compan­ies can create closed user groups with other stake­hold­ers who have air qual­ity data, sports and activ­ity apps, so that metadata is visible only to these users in order to initi­ate possible direct exchange of data. An added feature is that such closed groups can lever­age on data­sets we have gathered and already processed.


Health insur­ance compan­ies have trans­formed from their tradi­tional role as health bill settle­ments to proact­ively using data to predict and suggest prevent­ive meas­ures for their clients to stay healthy. As this trend grows, data privacy and data governance issues cannot be ignored. Using the Advaneo data market­place helps compan­ies to meet these privacy require­ments while offer­ing addon service to their clients to stay healthy.