Data driven addons created the king of real estate market


Analysing open data sources linked to internal data sources trans­form busi­ness decisions and strategies. It ulti­mately leads to reduced expenses, increased reven­ues and excel­lent customer satis­fac­tion. Immobilienscout24 is an online company that provides a plat­form for anyone to buy, sell or rent prop­erty. There were a number of compet­it­ors with similar offer­ings but one key factor sets Immobilienscout24 above others. They have made good use of open data sources to provide best customer exper­i­ence for visit­ors on their platform.

Datasets used

Immobilienscout24 has lever­aged on open data to provide added on services in your prop­erty search. Open data provided by the govern­ment to include loca­tion of the nearest trains station, bus stop, Pharmacy and grocery stores. This helps custom­ers to know the prox­im­ity to key social amen­it­ies includ­ing kinder­gartens from the prop­erty being considered. With this inform­a­tion Immobilienscout24 is now able to offer addi­tional services based on insight gained from open data to finance insti­tu­tions, provide sugges­tions to sellers and provide key insight to other compan­ies on their platform.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

The scen­ario described above is not as easy and straight­for­ward as it seems. It involves extens­ive amount of data mining, veri­fic­a­tion and clean­ing. This could take up to 80% of the task required before correl­a­tion and decid­ing if the data­set is relev­ant for a specific task or not. This usually can take months of exhaust­ive search. The Advaneo market place provides a seam­less solu­tion as it is

Easy to Use

In a few clicks, get the required data­set you need for your research, project, market analysis or new busi­ness model.

Expands Your View

The data market place will provide you with a set of comple­ment­ary relev­ant data­sets to under­stand trends seen in your analysis.

No Overheads

Each data­set already reveals a set of metadata includ­ing the provider and license. All data­sets have veri­fied end points.


Today, a key part of Immobilienscout24’s work­force are data scient­ists. Over the last decade, the company has grown from being a newcomer to now having 7 million users per month on their site with a large share than all their compet­it­ors combined.

Not all compan­ies have the resources to have a dedic­ated depart­ment of data scient­ist who spend 80% of their time search­ing and sort­ing through data sets. They can now lever­age on the Advaneo market place to achieve similar results with just a few clicks.