Comfort and safety in next gener­a­tion of data driven automobiles


A car is no longer just a car. It is an enter­tain­ment system, a commu­nic­a­tion tool and a friend. In order to make this exper­i­ence safer and more relax­ing for drivers and passen­gers, auto-cruise func­tions were intro­duced which have evolved to adapt­ive auto-cruise where radar data is used to determ­ine distance to the next car for regu­lat­ing the brak­ing system. The success of this has led to the intro­duc­tion of fully autonom­ous driver­less cars. To make such systems func­tional, car manu­fac­tur­ers need a lot of data to be continu­ously linked and analysed. How are such data gathered, stored and shared without viol­at­ing data privacy laws, how do you ensure owner­ship rights yet allow­ing seam­less access to improv­ing system performance?

Datasets used

NVIDIA already announced that the new Audi A8 will be using the NVIDIA Drive Pegasus – its latest arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence computer for autonom­ous driv­ing. It is capable of deliv­er­ing 320 tril­lion oper­a­tions per second. Intel also estim­ates 4 tera­bytes of data per day will be collec­ted by a single car. How are such data stored, shared, exchanged and who owns the data? The car owner or the car manu­fac­turer? These data­sets include driver beha­viour, person­al­ised enter­tain­ment settings, frequent route and times, weather condi­tions, road slip­pery condi­tions, real time traffic inform­a­tion in addi­tion to car engine state.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

To ensure trust, privacy and trans­par­ency an inde­pend­ent broker should be used to allow exchange of these data­sets with trus­ted parties. With a connector-based service and iden­tity manage­ment, users can trade the data they gener­ate with each ride. The Advaneo data market­place offers:

Broker Service

This allows user data gener­ated by the car to be seam­lessly exchanged with car manu­fac­turer, enter­tain­ment company, mobile phone provider and insur­ance company. The process for authen­tic­a­tion, payment and billing, setting up contracts with each entity can be handled by our broker service.

Closed User Groups

Similar to the broker service, the user data gener­ated from the car may need to be shared with car repair work­shop. This will provide more effi­cient expert diagnostic and repair. For such an incid­ent, a closed user group between the repair work­shop, insur­ance company and car manu­fac­turer can be created. This collab­or­a­tion and seam­less exchange of histor­ical data relat­ing to the tech­nical perform­ance of the car and specific parts stays directly between members of the group.

Security and Privacy

With the trans­ition to data driven autonom­ous cars, secur­ity and privacy needs to be the core require­ment in decid­ing how data will be exchanged. Mismanagement of car data could directly lead to fatal­ity. The Advaneo market­place not only limits direct trans­fer of data between veri­fied trus­ted parties but also enforces usage control.


With the great tech­no­logy advance­ment in the car industry, driv­ing or letting your car drive will lead to comfort, effi­cient jour­ney times and safer commute. It also gener­ates new chal­lenges around data owner­ship, governance, secur­ity and privacy. These solu­tions cannot be addons but have to be integ­rated in the over­all system design. Our expert­ise in imple­ment­ing solu­tions based on the International Data Space (IDS) archi­tec­ture will provide the best plat­form for safer more comfort­able exchange of auto­mobile data while being in control of how such data is used.