A secure and effi­cient indus­trial process using predict­ive maintenance


As the indus­trial applic­a­tions for IoT and machine to machine commu­nic­a­tion are becom­ing common­place, indus­tries need to ensure the costs of deploy­ing, main­ten­ance and admin­is­trat­ive over­heads do not outweigh the poten­tial bene­fits. Existing indus­tries seek migra­tion strategy towards Industry 4.0 ready systems. This could mean having hetero­gen­eous control systems, new machine models work­ing in tandem with previ­ous models and ensur­ing higher level of data secur­ity.  How can we ensure effi­cient data aggreg­a­tion so all models seam­lessly commu­nic­ate with each other?

Consider a manu­fac­tur­ing plant that pack­ages medical equip­ment with an exist­ing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. When an error is detec­ted on the robotic pack­ing and pallet­iz­ing unit, how will this affect produc­tion output?

Datasets used

Relying on state of the art SCADA systems is a react­ive approach and could lead to loss of time and revenue. A predict­ive main­ten­ance solu­tion gath­ers the data logs from the SCADA units and correl­ates it with other external data­sets such as temper­at­ure, number of units produced, anonymised error reports from similar models and planned produc­tion sched­ule. Applying machine learn­ing algorithms on the aggreg­ated data­sets will help effi­cient fore­cast­ing and prepar­a­tion of remedy actions even before they appear on your SCADA systems. Such an approach is feas­ible with a data marketplace.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

When deal­ing with sens­it­ive data in a manu­fac­tur­ing industry, privacy and secur­ity of data becomes para­mount. An internal market­place (i.e. the Advaneo data market­place) ensures no data is trans­por­ted outside your internal network. Device manu­fac­tur­ers can receive metadata (stand­ard data descrip­tion) before decid­ing which data­sets will be relev­ant. Furthermore, the Advaneo Data Marketplace serves as a broker to ensure hetero­gen­eous data systems, equip­ment with differ­ent data formats can seam­less exchange data without the need for yet another addi­tional black box. The Advaneo data market­place offers:

Internal MarketPlace: A custom­ised internal market place is designed for your unique scen­arios. This further ensures descrip­tion of data­sets avail­able to sales, market­ing, logist­ics & trans­port­a­tion, returns and new orders, can all be visible on a single internal plat­form. No need to upload company data to some cloud service. Having 100% data governance is more import­ant than ever before.

Closed User Groups: In a specific produc­tion cycle, the option to create a Closed User Group (CUG) helps more visib­il­ity and coordin­ated plan­ning among every­one involved includ­ing commer­cial, design, produc­tion monit­or­ing, qual­ity control and deliv­ery units. Datasets are made visible to all required teams and the CUG can be ended at the expir­a­tion of the produc­tion sprint.

Security and Privacy: Majority of smart machinery used in industry export data directly to manu­fac­tur­ers in form of system log files error log reports. This is a high risk and loss of privacy control. The data market­place broker ensures data sover­eignty and control of all data gener­ated by your machines within your premises. By having control, if, when and how a direct exchange between your systems and the equip­ment vendors or any third party occurs or not.


As all compan­ies begin their migra­tion towards smart industry or industry 4.0, gener­at­ing new data to help decision making process is vital. However only compan­ies who focus of proact­ive strategies based on predict­ive system will gain the most bene­fits. As data gener­ated in your factor­ies becomes trade secrets, data privacy and secur­ity cannot be over­em­phas­ised. The Advaneo data market­place is designed to ensure a perfect balance between data driven indus­trial revolu­tion and highest possible level of secur­ity and privacy.