What is a connector and how do I use it?

16. October 2019

The ADVANEO Connector is a soft­ware applic­a­tion that can be connec­ted to a vari­ety of differ­ent data sources (file systems, data­base systems, sensor data streams, … The list is always being exten­ded). The connector can thus be gran­ted access to the raw data and the data memory. At the same time, connect­ors can commu­nic­ate with each other and send and receive data from each other. Since connect­ors can also identify them­selves, a basis for a secure and auto­mat­able data exchange between two parties is created.

Each user* gets access to a personal connector, which can be managed via a dash­board. The dash­board can be accessed by click­ing on the account settings menu > “My Connectors”. There you can access data requests as well as received data transmissions.

*Details depend on your member­ship. See also the func­tion­al­it­ies in the price overview.