What is the Workbench?

16. Oktober 2019

The Data Science Workbench of the data market­place is a collec­tion of common tools for data proces­sing & analy­sis.

Currently the Workbench inclu­des a Jupyter Notebook which is opera­ted in the Advaneo cloud. Each user has an indi­vi­dual work­bench at his dispo­sal, on which he can effort­lessly inte­grate data direc­tly from the market­place or from exter­nal sources. Currently the Workbench supports projects in Python 3, Julia 1.0.1, R and Ruby 2.5.1. Common data science libra­ries are pre-instal­led for all kernels. This list can also be exten­ded dyna­mi­cally accord­ing to requi­re­ments.

In the near future the imple­men­ta­tion of further common data proces­sing tools (Anaconda, Tensorsflow, H2O, Knime, …) into the market­place is plan­ned.