ADVANEO data solutions

Make your data avail­able – intern­ally or for sale

The ADVANEO data solutions: Three parts of one story

The ADVANEO data solutions is a series of three products that support you in the develop­ment of your data projects. The data catalog enables you to imple­ment a company internal data culture. The trusted data hub allows a secure data exchange in your closed value chains and opens up new business oppor­tu­nities. Finally, the data market­place leads to a transi­tion into a global environ­ment of data provi­ders.
And most import­antly, you as the data owner are under full control of all your data at all times.

Data catalog: How well struc­tured data create new values

The ADVANEO data catalog brings the files of your company that often slumber in data silos back to life. As metadata, they are avail­able to employees in compli­ance with the data gover­nance you have defined. This ensures that all relevant infor­ma­tion is always avail­able. For example, for a light­­ning-fast exchange between marke­ting and sales, purcha­sing and produc­tion or between several produc­tion sites.

Privacy preser­ving trusted data hub: New oppor­tu­nities

The ADVANEO trusted data hub enables secure data exchange with your closed value chains. Share and use your sensi­tive data together, even extern­ally, without the risk of losing control. Your data remains visible only to you at any time. This opens up new business models, innova­tions and coope­ra­tion oppor­tu­nities on the basis of these other­wise closed data sources.